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Looking for a way to stand out to potential customers? A-Link Printing Mailing and Marketing Solutions helps you precisely target qualified prospects and communicate with clients with customized direct mailers and postcards. Our team works with you to create and print the high-quality mailers that your business is looking for.

From creative concepts and eye-catching designs, to expert production, mailing list curation, and effective distribution, we can manage your direct mail project every step of the way. Whatever the goal, we'll help you get the word out and make an impression.


Attract leads in a digital world with custom print

New marketing technologies and distribution channels have made some people question the effectiveness of direct mail marketing in today's business world. In a world full of websites and social media, many businesses are focusing on digital marketing solutions. So where does that leave print marketing solutions like direct mail and postcards? We are here to share how we see continued marketing success with direct mail and postcards in a digital-based world.

Consumers tend to trust brands they learn about through direct mail versus a digital ad. Direct mail allows your potential customer to be able to physically touch your ad which evokes emotions and gets them thinking. Having that piece of tangible printed material adds an extra layer of connection that many customers are looking for.


The impacts of personalized direct mail and postcard printing

Direct mail can be personalized so your promotion speaks directly to the contact. A small touch of personalization, like including a customer's first name, can go a long way when it comes to direct mail. Here's how our team can help you design customized mailers that leave an impact on your customers.

Grab attention and create interest
Create a piece of mail that stands out from your competitors and grabs peoples attention. Successful direct mail and postcards increase the front-of-mind awareness of a company and its brand. Creative mail campaigns will instill emotion and generate a larger impact on your audience.

Build trust with consistency
With so much thought going into ensuring your direct mail and postcards are top notch, making regular updates may seem like too much work. By not consistently updating your direct mail, it causes your message to become stale and overlooked by recipients.

With A-Link Printing Mailing and Marketing Solutions, both our design and print production team will continue to work alongside your business to create unique mailing campaigns that don’t get pushed aside. A brand that stays relevant with their customers, is a brand that customers tend to trust more.

Prompt customers to take action
The open rate for direct mail and postcards tend to remain higher than click-through rates for digital advertisements. The household reach is much higher because they are viewed by everyone in the house if left out after being opened. Think about how many times you share a social media ad with someone in your house versus leaving a piece of mail opened on your kitchen counter. Whether you left it out for others in the house to view or not, chances are that they are still glancing at that piece of mail while walking by.

One fun way to get potential customers to take action is to include an unexpected giveaway they can access by scanning the QR code. This builds emotional engagement by adding participation and a greater level of surprise.

Brand awareness and retention
Direct mailers engage the senses and are remembered longer than other advertising channels. At A-Link Printing & Promotions, we want our work to match your business and brand identity perfectly. A successful mailing campaign starts with nailing your brand's tone of voice. We work as your partner to help you grow your business and satisfy your customers. Quality, cost-effectiveness, and speed while executing your direct mail and postcards will always remain our top priority so that your brand will be remembered.


Target qualified prospects and leads

Because direct mail is direct, it can be highly targeted towards existing and potential leads. Although mailing lists can be bought and sold, using direct mail for on-boarding, re-targeting, and building loyalty is extremely effective.

A-Link Printing & Promotions can help you organize your mailing lists. We have specialty mailing software that will find duplicate entries and ensure all the addresses meet post office standards. Use a consumer list to target individuals by data attributes like age, buying activity, or ethnicity. Consumer lists are updated every 30 to 60 days and are compiled from a variety of public record sources as well as proprietary and self-reported data.

Personalization and targeting options include:

  • Geographics
  • Demographics
  • Lifestyles
  • Psychographics
  • Transactional selections

Cost-effective mailing options

With a long-standing reputation for meeting extreme deadlines while maintaining the highest quality, A-Link Printing is your reliable source for printed communications. Our wide range of equipment enables us to produce printed material within our facility in the most cost-effective and economical way possible.

When your printed project is finished, we can also manage your mailing services to save you time and energy. We offer a full-service, turn-key mailing solution. Newer technologies and distribution channels have made some people question the effectiveness of direct mail marketing in today's business world. We'll store your customer data securely in our database—updating it, weeding out bad addresses, and ensuring its accuracy every time.

Another option is Every Door Direct Mail®. EDDM is a USPS service designed to make it easy and affordable to send large format mailers to targeted customers in specific neighborhoods.

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