Take Advantage of Saturation Mailings for Your Next Direct Mail Postcard or Letter Campaign

Saturation Mailings

For very little cost you can reach a large number of potential customers with a Saturation Mailing. Deliver your direct mail piece to scores of customers in a geographical area with this cost-effective, efficient marketing solution. Saturation Mailings are a good fit for businesses with general product or service offerings such as restaurants, lawn and home services, or retailers.

What is a Saturation Mailing?

A Saturation Mailing is a type of bulk mailing where your mail piece is delivered to ALL the residents or businesses within a zip code or postal route. You'll reach a much wider audience for far less money. Select postal routes in nearby neighborhoods to get the word out about what you have to offer. If you provide services that almost everyone in an area needs, you’ll get the best ROI (return on investment) with a Saturation Mailing. It’s an easy but powerful way to attract new customers and increase awareness of what you have to offer while saving on postage costs.

Why are Saturation Mailings so inexpensive?

Postage costs for Saturation Mail are far less than standard presorted bulk mail. The postage rate is the lowest available because your mailer is simply delivered to all the addresses along an established USPS postal route, rather than to specific names on a sorted list. Saturation Mailings are often under-utilized, but they are the most affordable, flexible and cost-effective method of sending direct mail and generating new business.

What type of direct mail can I send with Saturation?

You can send postcards, flyers, brochures, letters, newsletters and even catalogs. The USPS has fewer restrictions on Saturation Mailings than on other types of mail, however, postage cost will vary based on the size and weight of your mail pieces. 

We find that a full-color postcard is both an affordable light-weight option and an immediate, compelling way to convey information to customers. 

Do you already have something you’d like to mail, or do you need help with ideas? We’d be happy to assist you in choosing the most effective mailing method for your advertising campaign. Email orders@alinkprinting.com or call A-Link Printing at 412-220-0290.

Isn’t it impersonal to just send mail to everyone on a carrier route?

One of the best things about Saturation Mailings is that you can get them either with or without names. Typically, EDDM® or Saturation Mailings are addressed to “Postal Customer”, but we are also able to create Saturation lists that also have the name associated with that address. This allows you to address your mail directly to the person receiving it. To get even more attention we can use variable data printing to personalize your letters with salutations like “Dear Jane,...” or a postcard with the headline “Joe, check out our deals on...”

What if I want to send to MOST, but not quite ALL the people on a route?

With Saturation Mailings, you can do that too! You can target more specific demographics so long as you mail to a large percentage of each route. This allows you to precisely market to those who are most likely to be interested in your services. For instance, if you have a roofing company you would want to target local homeowners rather than apartment dwellers.

Would a Saturation Mailing work for my business or organization? 

Saturation Mailings are perfect for businesses/organizations whose product or service appeals to just about anyone. It is a great option for restaurants, retail stores, gyms, churches, hair and nail salons, realtors, automotive repair, dental practices, community organizations and many more! 

Saturation Mailings are NOT ideal for businesses who offer niche products or services. For these types of businesses, a targeted mailing list works best. A targeted list allows you to customize your list to recipients that fit your specific customer profile instead of everyone in a precise geographic area. Click here to find out more about targeted mailing lists. 

Ready to start your direct mail marketing campaign?

Direct mail is still the most reliable form of advertising. Getting a tangible marketing piece into the hands of customers can be very effective. An eye-catching graphic or enticing promotion will increase awareness and engagement and help turn recipients into customers. 

From design to printing, addressing, mailing, and even digital ads, A-Link Printing can help you save money and advertise in the way that works best for you. Give A-Link Printing and Marketing Solutions a call at 412-220-0290 or email orders@alinkprinting.com to discuss your marketing strategy and to find out what method of mailing is right for you and your budget.