Is Direct Mail Effective?

Custom Direct Mailing

Direct mail is not a new marketing tactic, but it shouldn’t be forgotten. It is tried and true and will be here for the long haul. Sending customized direct mail postcards, letters and brochures to your customers brings back a sentimental feeling which is why it is incorporated into marketing strategies.

In a world full of websites and social media, many businesses are focusing on digital marketing solutions. New marketing technologies and distribution channels have made some people question the effectiveness of direct mail marketing. Data-driven campaigns and technology advancements lead to successful direct mail campaigns.

But why is direct mail still effective in a world focused on technology?


Direct mail builds trust.

Direct mail is still effective because of its trust factor. Consumers tend to trust brands they learn about through direct mail versus a digital ad. Direct mail allows your potential customer to be able to physically touch your ad which evokes emotions and gets them thinking. They’re more likely to resonate and trust a brand on a label over an email. Having that piece of tangible printed material adds an extra layer of connection that many customers are looking for. 

Direct mail builds a personal connection. 

Consumers are becoming more aware that they are being sucked into unhealthy shopping habits caused by digital ads and marketing. This is why building a personal connection with your consumers is more important than ever. Customized direct mailing pieces that are addressed to them personally make them feel valued as a customer.

Direct mail is an effective way to share your brand's story and message in a more meaningful way. Direct mail is easy to understand for all types of audiences. There is limited space with direct mail allowing your audience to quickly consume the content. They don’t have to read endless copy to find what they are looking for.

Here are some design tips we recommend that help build that personal connection through direct mail.  

  • Address mail with the customer's name
  • Keep text brief and to the point
  • Have an authentic voice
  • Choose impactful imagery 
  • Have a visual hierarchy and streamlined layout 
  • Include QR Codes for more information 
  • Add a handwritten note or signature

Include special offers and promotions for birthdays or first-time customers
Be creative!

Don’t know where to start? Our design team can help you create impactful direct mailers that will resonate with your audience.

Direct mail keeps your customers engaged.

Direct mail entices customers and keeps them thinking. It’s something you touch and feel and need to think about before moving on to the next step of your day. Send teasers to get your customers excited and curious about what you are up to.

In addition to keeping your initial customer engaged, direct mail is more shareable. Unlike email which goes to one person, physical mail goes to a household. An email has a lifespan of just a few seconds, while direct mail’s lifespan can last up to a couple of weeks. 

You can pair social media and digital content marketing with direct mail for a seamless customer journey. Cross-promotion works wonders. By incorporating your message online with the printed word, you will reach a broader audience and answer more of their questions.

Direct mail is irreplaceable.

As technology continues to advance, direct mail offers a feeling of connection and authenticness that other forms of digital marketing can not. It is an irreplaceable and effective form of communication for all audience types. 

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