Nonprofit printing fundraising/appeals

How can A-Link Printing help your non-profit?

A-Link Printing and Marketing is passionate about working with non-profit organizations to participate in and further their mission. For charities and nonprofit organizations, print materials can be one of the most effective ways to reach donors, raise funds and generate awareness or their service in the community, goals, events and campaigns.

A-Link Printing and Marketing offers a variety of nonprofit printing solutions, ranging from color brochures to promotional calendars. Our team works with not-for-profit organizations, applying knowledge and skill to produce print pieces in a way that doesn’t spare quality or incur unnecessary costs. We can customize appeals with variable data and graphics to speak personally to donors and stakeholders. Combined with our in-depth knowledge of USPS requirements, you receive the highest quality printing solution in an economically friendly way. 

​In today’s digital world, it’s easy to forget the power of print communications. Here are just some examples in which print marketing can be used to communicate with donors, members, volunteers, and other supporters.

  • Presentation Folders - A presentation is required to impress significant donors. To convey an overview of your company, use a beautiful presentation folder with many inserts.
  • Trade Show Handouts and Signage - If your company presents at community events or conferences, make sure you have signage such as banners, foam core easel signs, roll up banners tee signs to communicate your message and enough handouts for visitors
  • Event Promotions & Invitations - Every event you arrange requires attendees, which necessitates the use of advertising flyers, invites, and direct mail postcards.
  • Direct Mail Fundraising - For donor acquisition, and donor renewal, direct mail remains the most effective technique of fundraising.
  • Add Digital Advertising to direct mail campaigns will increase your response  26-40%. We combine mailings with google, facebook and instagram ads, website lead tracking, retargeting ads, phone call tracking and informed delivery. 

We offer assistance in political campaign printing services which include banners, yard signs, flyers, invitations and direct mail. And more - we offer a great amount of print and marketing solutions to help your non-profit! 

We offer cost-effective design, printing, and marketing solutions for nonprofits, charities, and philanthropy groups to help promote events, fundraisers, conferences, and more. Our in house designer is quick and top notch. We know that by working together, we can amplify the communication efforts you have for your organization through quality and timely print communications.

Contact us if you are ready to talk about your next non-profit print project or if you would like to learn more about our processes.