Leverage Your Brand with Targeted Prospect Mailings

Targeted Prospect Mailings

Your mailing lists allow you to target an entire area which works well for certain businesses. However, a targeted prospect mailing list allows you to do much more – you can select your recipients based on demographics that suit your business or organization. This gets your message in front of the people most likely to be interested in your product or service and become potential customers.

What is a targeted prospect mailing list?

A targeted mailing list is built using the criteria you select. This allows you to tailor your message to potential customers for whom your product/service is most relevant, ensuring greater engagement and generating new business. In addition to the area, you can select  just about any demographic of people. It’s a great way to access new leads.

Targeted mailing lists give you the most control over who receives your message, putting your mail piece in front of the right audience. It is especially important if you offer niche services or products.

How does targeting my leads save me time and money?

A list of targeted leads tailored to your business will save time by keeping your focus on the most interested prospects. Your mailer will be sent only to those contacts who are most likely to purchase your products/services. This gets you high engagement and response rates, increasing your mail campaign ROI. 

What kind of demographics can I select for my direct mailing?

For B2B mailings, you can target businesses by location, business type, annual income, number of employees, years in business, NAICS code, etc.

Zero in on location, age ranges, income levels, marital status, ethnicity, new moves, renters, homeowners, first-time home buyers, new parents, pet owners...and more! You can also obtain lists according to special interests and responses to businesses similar to yours.

Generate a list for any industry, no matter how specific your market is.

Plus, you can also add your own existing customer database to mailings, keeping your previous customers informed and offering incentives to ensure repeat business.

Need help selecting prospects for your mailing? Give us a call at 412-220-0290 or email orders@alinkprinting.com to consult with someone from our team. From start to finish, we can get your mailer in front of the right prospects to grow your business.

Would a targeted prospect mailing list be right for my business?

Targeted Prospect Mailings are perfect for businesses who offer niche products or services. For these types of businesses, a targeted mailing list works best. A targeted list allows you to customize your list to recipients that fit your specific customer profile instead of everyone in a geographic area. If you offer a product suitable for only certain industries or a service that caters to a particular profession or individual, a targeted prospect mailing list may be right for you!

Saturation Mailings, on the other hand, are ideal for businesses/organizations whose product or service appeals to just about anyone. It is a great option for restaurants, retail stores, gyms, automotive repair and many more and targets customers based on neighborhoods. Does this sound like your business? Click here to find out more about saturation mailing lists.

My mailing is for a non-profit organization. Do we get a special postage rate?

Authorized not-for-profit organizations are eligible for a reduced postage rate from the USPS. If you are registered as a non-profit with the Post Office, we can use either your permit number or our Non-Profit Indicia to give you the lowest postage rate possible on suitable mail.

Ready to start your direct mail marketing campaign?

Direct mail is still the most reliable form of advertising. Getting a tangible marketing piece into the hands of customers can be very effective. An eye-catching graphic or enticing promotion will increase awareness and engagement and help turn recipients into customers. 

From design to printing, addressing, mailing, and even digital ads, A-Link Printing can help you save money and advertise in the way that works best for you. Give A-Link Printing and Marketing Solutions a call at 412-220-0290 or email orders@alinkprinting.com to discuss your marketing strategy and to find out what method of mailing is right for you and your budget.